Project 2 update

What I did

Today I peer reviewed two students and their progress on project 2: interrogate an interface. Both students had made great progress on their projects and I look forward to seeing their presentations. After I did my peer review, I continued to work on my project. My work from last class was deleted somehow so I had to catch up. I was able to complete most of the outline for my project. This will make it much easier to make a presentation and the final posts on my blog.

Why I did it

I did this because I had to catch up and make progress on my blog and interrogating an interface. I lost my previous work, but I have made great progress and I will good when it comes time for my presentation.

What I still need to do

The biggest thing I still need to do is create my presentation. I want to make my presentation with many visuals and a limited number of words. I need to post my comments and everything to my blog as well. This will take some time, but it will get done.