Project 2 Update

Today I made my PowerPoint Presentation. I used the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions form that I completed last time to guide me in my slides. I created a slide for each category and took screenshots. I edited screenshots to highlight specific parts of the website that demonstrate a particular category of analysis. In order to display the full features of this website, I had to create multiple videos to show how to site responds when media is added, which is the purpose of this site. I made sure to use the 1/1/5 rule in my presentation and left mostly just the title of the topic that I am demonstrating and the screenshot I chose for each category. I have a total of 19 slides, and the time limit is  five minutes, so I will spend roughly 15 seconds explaining each slide. I have more information than that for each category, so I will make sure to narrow down my talking points to the major themes of each section. My next step is to create index cards with talking points for each slide and rehearse my presentation on 10/17. I have included a draft of my presentation.

Interrogating an Interface