The One Where I Realized I’m Behind


Today I had a minor freakout about this project because I realized that this is the last day to work on it in class and I felt like I have nothing done. So that was fun.

What I did:

First I calmed down and then I got to work. I began writing my essay in a Google Doc so I could go to lunch and work on it some more without worrying about a USB drive. I got through the introduction, audience, purpose, and genre. I still have to begin the design, postives, and constraints. I figured if I get all the writing done today I can begin my PowerPoint.

Why I did this:

I freaked out because it is almost due and I realized how little time I have this week. I began writing first because that is the biggest part of this project. Once I get this project written it will be easy to create the PowerPoint based on my essay and then I can move on to figuring out how to put the essay in WordPress.