Because it’s flu season and I could not come to class friday, I have double the memes today. My first meme is the Bad Luck Brian meme, themed around our homecoming game this weekend. Because how many of us stumble to the game realizing we don’t have our student ID’s and cannot actually get in. I know I have definitely been there, and I’m pretty sure Brian has too.

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian

For my gif, I wanted to highlight the fact that it is Monday and here in Blacksburg that means rainy weather, flu symptoms running rampant in every classroom, and a full day of test prep and homework. So much like Rod Kimble in the movie Hot Rod, soaring through the sky and looking amazing like I felt on the weekend, he tumbles down a mountain for a substantial amount of time. That mountain is my Monday.



I think a comparing a gif and a meme is hard because they serve different functions. A meme is meant to be simply a photo and  text and the beauty of it is that many of the same photos are used over and over with people manipulating the text to personalize the theme of the meme. An example is the Bad Luck Brian meme that people manipulate to be ironically unlucky in a variety of situations. A gif usually isn’t a template that people manipulate, but rather different videos that are particularly funny. I think gifs are more reliant on the actual video content than any textual mode. Also, people upload gifs of themselves doing funny things, like a short youtube clip– they aren’t reliant on themes or context as much as memes.

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