Listen to Meme

For the meme assignment, I went a little out of the box. I used a less popular photo and added my own caption to create this masterpiece, which is up for interpretation:


My meme can be taken in multiple ways. It can be taken in a figurative sense, where the expression on the dog’s face is a reaction to the feeling of having a messy room-mate. The dog is making a passive aggressive facial expression, where it not only looks frustrated, but also just plain grossed out.

Then, there is the literal sense, which is where my inspiration came from. This weekend, a new room-mate was introduced into my apartment, much to my annoyance. It’s a micro teacup pig that my human room-mate bought and brought to school. It’s only a few weeks old, so it smells, it squeals, and it just does weird things. I’m not amused by its screeching in the middle of the night, so I decided to make a meme about it.

World, meet Stanley: 


So, to my future room-mates, all I have to say is do not ever go buy a pig and bring it to our apartment, or you will see that same look on my face as the meme I created.

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