Creating an Animated .gif Video

Trident Missile Launch on Make A Gif

Today I learned to create an animated .gif video. I like to browse YouTube to watch ships and aircraft firing their weapons, which happen less often than people would imagine. These videos are fairly rare, as much of these missile testings are classified footage, but YouTube still has a fairly extensive section displaying the U.S. Navy firing missiles. I found a video of an Ohio-class Guided Missile Submarine (SSGN) firing a UGM-133 Trident ballistic missile. These missiles can be fired while the submarine is submerged below the surface of the water, making for a spectacle when one is launched. I chose to use a 5 second clip because the most intriguing part of the video occurs at the beginning, when the water is calm and then a missile emerges, seemingly from nowhere. The toughest part of this assignment was choosing which content to create a short video that will be played on loop. The programs were very straightforward and this is an excellent skill to know how to use.