Close up and personal


When I wake up and there is still a pig in my apartment….

I thought maybe Stanley the pig was a dream or a joke. But no – I woke up this morning, and there was still a pig snorting around the living room. So, with that in mind, this GIF is an extension of my feelings about the new pet. The supposedly “cute, small, pink” teacup pig is really more like this big, ugly, slobbering pig in my mind. He sneaks up out of nowhere, and in no way is it cute.

I think the ability to add the gestural mode in this case just adds some detail and reality. If it had just been a still photo, there would have been a lot less detail. The way that this clip zooms into a close-up of the face of the pig makes it humorous because you can see the gross chewing and slobber of the pig – which is just one part of the story.