Animated GIF: Cats can’t jump

For today we were tasked with creating an animated GIF. I went ahead and made a funny GIF that I thought everyone would enjoy. It is a GIF of a cat trying to jump off of a car and onto the roof. It misses completely and slides down off the car. It is a quicker GIF that only lasts three seconds, I did this to get the full effect. I If it was any shorter then I don’t think everyone would have enjoyed and laughed as much because some parts would have been cut. Same with if I extended it longer then it wouldn’t have the same effect and people would have lost interest.

http___makeagif.com__media_9-29-2014_zGIshcThe gestural change by creating an animated GIF versus a regular meme is huge. With the gestures, I wanted something that was simple, easy and funny. I didn’t want to make it too complicated, and by having a cat attempting to jump and missing worked great. The gesture aspect gave me an effect that I would have had if it were just a still image.