Creating a Meme


After class the other day when we were discussing memes, I walked out to the bus stop and saw my bus coming down the street and immediately fist pumped. The bus comes roughly every 15 minutes, so missing the bus can be a real pain, but every once in a while I will get lucky catch the bus right when it pulls up to the stop. This is especially lucky in the winter when it is cold or when it is raining. The other day I was feeling under the weather and was not looking forward to waiting outside for 10-15 minutes, but when I saw that beautiful Blacksburg Transit bus coming down the street, I immediately thought of the “Success Kid meme,” which is a picture of a small child who is making a fist and a face that makes it look like he is excited or pleased with something that has happened to him. This has been a very popular meme on the internet for a few years now and is one of my personal favorites.