Choosing an Interface

For Project 2 I was lucky enough to get my first choice, a website called Popcorn Maker. It is a web tool that lets you add media, like YouTube videos, music files, and 3D images, and edit them in the tool. It allows you to cut, edit, paste, and loop YouTube videos and also has features for video filters. It is essentially an online version of Windows Moviemaker, which I am very familiar with and enjoyed using for projects in the past. This website seems like a cleaner and simpler version because you do not actually have to save anything to your computer. Rather, Popcorn Maker lets you add the url of a YouTube video and you can immediately start editing the video. It also lets you add any song from SoundCloud, a popular music sharing site, making this a very simple tool that lets you legally create a video with copyrighted music. There are also links to add images and other HMTL5 code, which I think are also very useful features. While this site has a simpler interface than MovieMaker in my opinion, I think it is also much deeper because it allows any form of media on the internet to be instantly dropped into this media editing tool. The ability to add 3D images, links to pages, and 3D models sets this web tool apart from other media editing programs that I have worked with in the past.