Jazzing Up my Web Portal

What I Did

I felt that my site was mostly complete at the start of class, so I ventured out to find new ways to add some flare to my page without distracting the user. I added some photos to my gallery, set the order as random, and added a music player to a page on my site to play a song. I also proofread my posts and ensured that I had completed all of the requirements.

Why I Did It

I was sifting through my gallery to make sure all of the features worked, and I realized that the order was not set to “random,” so my photos were showing multiple pictures of the same plane in a row. This was an issue because I wanted to have a different ship or aircraft with each new picture, so I learned how to use the “edit gallery” tool to add some more pictures and to alter the order. I also researched WordPress help pages and figured out how to add a song to a page, but not make it play on my homepage, which many users cite as a major distraction. I chose the song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, which is the theme song of the cult-classic Navy pilot movie “Top Gun.” My peers seemed to really enjoy this song as I had to play it a few times before it worked on my page, and I think it really ties in my “Multimedia” page.