Final Touches

What I Did 

For this last blog post, I’ll talk about the final touches I made on the web portal. I added some “fluff” to make the site more interesting. This included adding a quote to my “About Me” page and adding an “Experience” page that includes some video, photo, and text work that I have done recently.

I also edited some of my links and headers.

Why I Did It

The quote I added to my “About Me” page really goes with my theme of reflection after study abroad. It talks about thinking big and doing big things, which is what my study abroad trip really taught me. I thought it would be a nice way to enter the page that describes myself, so that people can get a good feel for where I stand right now.

My “Experience” page includes several different parts. I attached a video that I made for the Collegiate Times in the past couple of weeks to add a new mode as well as show my video skills. I also included work from my study abroad trip, including a link to my article and a scroll of several photos that I took for my article while in Italy.

The editing that I did to my links was to make them all open in a new page, so that readers will not be navigated away from my page. I also changed some of my headers to make them stand out more.