final steps

What I did

Since Monday, I wrote the content for my Site Information page. I also edited the information on my About page.

Why I did it

I finished the information for the colophon section of my page because it is required and it is one of the last steps I have to take to meet the basic site requirements. I edited the content on my about page for proofreading and grammatical issues.

What I still need to do

I need to finalize my site. I need to proofread all of my entries for typos and grammatical errors. I also need to revise my site based on the feedback from my peer reviews. One last aspects of my site that I need to work on is adding something extra that is unique to my site. Some ideas are a Goodreads widget or adding pages within my about page linking to my outdoor or travel interests. I am still brainstorming what I want this aspect to be and hopefully I can work on adding it to my site on Friday.