The “About” Page

What I Did

Today, I added the “About” page to my website. This page includes basic personal information about what I like to do, where I work, my goals etc.

Why I did It

The “About” page is very important to the understanding of the purpose of my website. It details my interests and will provide insight to the overall content of the site.

There are at least 2 other features that I would like to add to the “About” page: the first is a photograph. I want to add a picture that depicts what I do with my internship similar to the picture that resides in the header of my website. Also, I want to add an audio sample of one of my broadcasts to the page. Since WordPress doesn’t appear to allow audio-only files to be added to the site, I will have to take the audio file and upload it to YouTube so it can be uploaded to my WordPress site.