Blog for 9/8/14

What I Did

I worked on my About Me page. I fixed some alignment and added content. I tried to adjust the fonts, but the site wouldn’t allow me without a fee. I added a header image, but the header put a black box behind my header text, so the image was covered and did not work. I looked at widgets and decided to add one with a countdown to gameday, but I did not have sufficient time to add it. I also added all of the required pages, but I did not add content.

Why I Did It

My About Me page needed to be filled out, because it read more like a resume than a blog. I added fun things to give it personality. I wanted to add a header to make the site more personal. I wanted to adjust the font for the same reason. I planned to use the official Marching Virginians font, but I’m not willing to pay to add it. I think that a gameday countdown is relevant to my site because I am a Marching Virginian, and we all just look forward to gameday all week.

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