What I Did:

During today’s class, I added three new pages to my site. I added one called Daily Posts, one called Contact Me, and a home page. I also added several widgets. To the sidebar I added a text box with a little about me and a link to the about me page, a search bar, and a follow button. I removed the search widget and the follow widget from the footer, and added contact information to the footer.  I also created a new category for posts, called “Daily Posts.”

Why I Did it:

I added the daily posts section to my blog as a way of categorizing all these posts I’m writing each day. It will make them easier to find, and make the blog much more organized. I added both the contact section in the footer and the contact page to make it easier for those viewing my blog to get in touch with me. I put a static page as my home page because it states the purpose of the blog and provides an introduction before people delve deeper into the blog. I categorized all the posts because it makes them more organized and easier for me to sort.