The One With the Multimodal List

For today we are supposed to identify mulitmodal texts that are in my backpack. However, this would prove to be a challenge to me because this is the one day where I only brought a small bag with me because I don’t have any other class and didn’t want to drag my book bag around campus. In my bag were, keys, my wallet, headphones, and a pack of tissues, but with help from Sarah I was able to figure out twelve things.

Multimodal List:
1. Purse (L, V, A, S)
2. Planner (L, V, S)
3. Keys (L, A, V)
4. Tshirt (V, L, S)
5. Tissues (V)
6. Pandora App (A, V, L)
7. Watch (V, S, G, A)
8. Rings (V, L)
9. Necklace (V, L)
10. Wallet (V, G, S, A)
11. Headphones (V)
12. Pen (V, S, L)

photo copy

My purse used all five modes of communication, while it may not seem to have much sound, when I walk down the street with my keys and wallet in it, it has sound. But as I think about that I wonder if it truly has it’s own sound since it needs other texts to give it the sound. The patterns that I see across the texts are the the majority of them are visual. This does not surprise me because I am a visual person and nine times out of ten I will pick something based on my attraction to it. The texts range but there are definitely categories within them. My watch, rings, tshirt and necklace all fall into the category that I would call style. My planner, pen, headphones, Pandora app, wallet, purse, keys and tissues are my basic necessities that are normally with me wherever I go. My wallet and purse can also be classified into the style category because they add to whatever I am wearing that day.

Most of my texts were bought at separate times, but they all function together to help me be me. Some I have had for years and others I picked up this week. Clearly I don’t throw things away and I just like to make past and present texts function together. But in my defense every item that I wrote was either in my bag or on me, so obviously I use these things that I’ve had for years. The two texts that are most different from each other are my pack of tissues and my necklace. My necklace moves with me and provides a nice visual for me when I look at it. My pack of tissues on the other hand, well honestly I don’t know how long they’ve been in that bag, but they’ve come in good use since my allergies are acting up today. The modes listed above are used in each of these texts in different ways, but for the most part they are visual and linguistic. These items all contribute to who I am and how I function daily.