‘Multimodal Dig’ Exercise

For my Multimodal Dig, I was able to pull from my backpack the following and list its usage of the modes of communication.

  1. Chap Stick- Visual, Linguistic
  2. Trident gum-Visual, Linguistic,Spatial,  
  3. Writer/Designer text book- Linguistic, Visual, Spatial, Gestural
  4. VT ‘Blue Book’ for testing- Visual, Linguistic, Spatial
  5. King James Bible- Linguistic
  6. Forestry Class Lesson packet on Wind- Spatial, linguistic, visual 
  7. VT Swimming men’s speedo- Linguistic, Visual
  8. Technical Editing text book- Linguistic, Visual
  9. 2013 NRA-ILA Membership card- Visual, Linguistic, Spatial, Gestural 
  10. Gerber Multi-tool- Linguistic (GERBER company logo)
  11. Pair of VT workout shorts- Linguistic, Visual
  12. Iphone 4 protecting case.- Visual, Linguistic (VT logo and school colors on back) 

All but one of these Items, my King James Bible,  posses at least two of the five modes of communication. Pattern wise, I found that, predominantly, all of my items utilize the Visual and Linguistic modes. Most all of these items are from a modern time frame and use multiple modes of communication, with the exception of my K.J.B., which is nearly identical to the original prints of this bible version and uses only the linguistic mode. The two texts that differ the most from each other are the Bible and the Membership Card, as the bible uses one mode, and the card uses 4 (all but aural).