Multimodal Dig

  1. iPad: iTunes – VALSG
  2. Textbook: The Multimedia Journalist – LSV
  3. Wallet – LS
  4. Button – LS
  5. Ring – LS
  6. Gum – LSV
  7. Lottery Ticket – LVG
  8. Ribbon – L
  9. Flyer – VLS
  10. Giftcard – LS
  11. iPhone: Collegiate Times App – VALSG
  12. Water Bottle: Stickers – LSV


Out of all of my items, I think the lottery ticket might be the most interesting piece. Although it does not use all of the modes, it is a different variety of modes. It utilizes Linguistic and Visual modes because of the wording and colors/images on the ticket, but it also utilizes Spatial and Gestural modes because of the organization and motion required to scratch off the ticket. I think the two most opposite objects would probbaly be the iTunes app and the pink breast cancer ribbon. The app uses all modes because it is a digital source of informaiton, while the ribbon is very basic.