A Makeover

What I Did

Today I made several changes to my blog, including changing the header photo, as well as updating some widgets. I also completely re-vamped my “About” page, which is now titled “About Leslie.”

Why I Did It

All of the updates I made today had a rhyme or reason. First off, I changed my header photo to a scenic picture that I took in Italy of a park that was at the top of a famous hill in the small town that I lived in for a month – Urbino. I chose this for two reasons: one, it is a generic, pretty view. Two, it works nicely with the title text, whereas the old picture I had looking down on the city of Florence was pretty busy with the words overlaid on top of it. The next update I made was to my widgets. I added an email sign-up page so that people without a WordPress account can follow my blog. I did this for my Italy blog and it worked very well for some of my older relatives that are not tech-savy. I also added two links to my blogroll: my Linked In profile and my other blog link. This is so that people can learn more about me. The calendar widget is nice to have for my sake, as well as my readers’ sake to keep up with things as I make new posts. I also added a search function that might be useful. The next major addition I made to my page was my “About Leslie” page. I wrote about this year, my summer, what I study, and my use of the blog. I also added a picture of me for reference.