Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What I Did
Today I tentatively chose a theme for my blog, added a title and tagline, and inserted a background image for the homepage. Although I am currently pleased with the look of my blog, I will most likely change the tagline, background image, and color choices upon viewing other theme options. I will continue to brainstorm names for my blog in an effort to display more of my personality and interests on the site.

Why I Did It
I would like this blog to display both my professional and personal interests while remaining visually stimulating. I chose the ‘Twenty Eleven’ theme because I thought it looked professional and allowed me to display a picture of me that can depict my interests. I made the text purple because it is my favorite color and left the rest of the blog black because I thought it looked professionally simple. The main image on the homepage is designed to showcase my personal interests; I plan on redoing this image to display more hobbies and interests of mine. On the ‘About Me’ page, I would like to take pictures of me doing the activities that will surround my background image after its update is complete.

Although I am excited to create this blog, I have many more decisions to make before being happy with its overall design!

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