Bringing the site to life

What I did

Since last year, I have already had my own personal blog, so creating a new one was quick and easy. I added another blog to my account for this class, choosing a simple theme. I am pretty familiar with and really do love how accessible it is to the everyday blogger. 

My site title is temporary, but I have decided on “Being Ariana” for right now. I’m not too happy or attached to it, so I am hoping I can change the title soon. However, I do like my tagline and plan on sticking with this decision. The chosen tagline is: “Writer, designer, thinker”. 

Why I did it

Whenever I work with design, I always aim for a minimalist aesthetic. Even on my own personal blog, the design is simple, so I chose a similar plan with this portfolio. Unfortunately, since the best designs are expensive, this is also the easiest route for now. I plan to add widgets to make my site more appealing. 

I chose my site title because I know for sure that I want to incorporate my name in a unique way. I’m hoping my name helps make my blog memorable. As for now, the current on is a work-in-process. 

The tagline was created with the intention of being a very brief and simple summary of who I am, matching the look and feel of the blog. Writer, designer, thinker are important aspects of my identity and what I like to do. In the future I want to include a bio page, but at first glance, my tagline is meant to give readers a taste of who I am. 

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